Visiting ice cream factory in Surabaya, Indonesia

Tell me, what you have in mind while the word ‘ice cream factory‘ running across your mind? 😉

Is it creamy? Milky? Cold? Freezing? Tasteful? Or all kinds of happy thoughts, that just in a moment, your mind will brought into fun and delightful thoughts…

Campina Memorabilia

Campina Memorabilia


It’s what happened during our every ice cream factory tour session. Our ice cream factory is located at Jalan Rungkut Industri 1 No. 15-17 Rungkut, Surabaya-Indonesia. Every Monday until Friday, our factory is open for public. We have 4 sessions. 2 sessions before lunch time, are arranged specially for kids and teenagers. While 2 sessions after lunch are arranged for adults (public). That include : group of families, high schools, universities, and much more. Every session lasts for 45-60 minutes, and consist of : greeting – office walk – blue jack room – office walk/vegan canteen walk – ice cream production room – raw materials room – cold room – office walk – avatar room – farewell.

At blue jack room, every visitor is presented some information about Campina Ice Cream. Our history, our founding father, how we make our products,  how we distribute our products from west to east of Indonesia, our products through presentation and video of our company profile. That presentation is delivered by our public affair team, whom consists of 4 people. They are Kak Aryo, kak Indri, kak Emilia, and kak Anis. Not only presenting about Campina Ice Cream, these friendly folks will accompany all visitor during the sessions. Explaining and answering all visitor’s questions.

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